Rules You Must Read And Follow In Order To Play Without Facing Any Problem

1 - First Of All And In General We Are Not Responsible About Any Scams That Would Happen To Your Account Or Your Items
The Items Is Yours And You Must Keep Them Safe, BUT !!
We Still Can Investigate And Search About Scamming If We Had To Or Popular Scammers And Gives Them Permenant Block.
2 - if you find any kind of bug you must report it not using it or you will be punished.
3 - Pretending To Be GM Or GA Or Speak In Behalf Of Any Of The Team Will Take Permenant Block.
4 - No GM Or GA Or Any Of The Team Will Ever Ask You For Your Items So Do Not Ever Give Your Item To Anyone
And If Anyone Told You He Is GM or Anything Else Please Report Him.
5 - Advertising In Any Kind Or Anyway Will Take Permenant Block.
6 - Insulting The Game Itself For Any Reason And In Anyway (All , Private , Guild , Global ...etc) Will Take Permenant Block.
7 - Insulting Game Team In Anyway (All , Private , Guild , Global ...etc) Will Take Block 1 Month.
8 - Insulting Religion In Anyway (All , Private , Guild , Global ...etc) Will Take Block 1 Week.
9 - Insulting In Global Will Or Say Any Offensive Word Or Even Any Hints For A Bad Words Or Meaning Take Block Chat For 3 Days.
10 - Selling Items For LE Or Saying Any Word Lead To Selling With Money Or Even Write Your Mobile Number (First Time) Will Take Block 1 Month
and the more you insist to sell the more days you will be blocked.
Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online 426 / 1000

  • Supporters Online: 0 / 11
  • Cap 130
  • Race CH / EU
  • Exp Rate 40x
  • PT Exp Rate 50x
  • SP Rate 40x
  • Drop Rate 10x
  • Gold Drop Rate 20x
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
Lastest 10 Unique Kills