VictorSRO Update 20/9/2019

Balanced CH bBuilds
Added new avatars for events
Changed FW time and reward
Fixed pet LvL 130
Deleted D14 from the game
Reduced Uniques HP in temple
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VictorSRO Update 5 / 5 / 2019 Ramadan Kareem

Add New Items Ultimate
Add New NPC Ultimate Items NPC Which Sells Ultimate Items
Add New Coin Ultimate Coin Which Drop From Flame Captain Lv130
Add New Avatars To Donate Items
Add New Scroll +1 Only Works On Powerful And Ultimate Items
Changed States 80% Scroll Price To 10K Victor Golden Coin
Fixed Khulood Unique HP
Changed Arena And CTF Required Registration Number To Only 2
Changed Arena And CTF Reward To Platinum Coin 50 For Winner , 9 For Loser
Add New Auto Events
Add New Song For Ramadan
Add New Drop R A M A D A N Letters To The 6 Uniques
You All Know About and the reward will be surprise at the end of the holy month
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VictorSRO Update 19 / 9 / 2018

1 - Added weapon and shield effects in NPC
2 - Added Platinum coin price to sockets
3 - Added new pet Pharaoh Dog with silk
4 - Added New Quest To Get ADV +4
Explaining : -you will have to take the quest from Donate items NPC -the quest says you must kill all these uniques 2 times and these uniques are inside Pharaoh temple in alex -to enter the temple you have to join a party first -REMEMBER ! you can only enter the temple twice a day each time with a different party -after killing the required uniques go back to Donate Items NPC and deliver the quest to her -take your reward and right click on it -the quest can be done only once a day -the quest can be done on only 1 char on every account
5 - Added ADV +4 in Item Mall which you can buy it with Victor Gift Silk which you can get it from Killing Quest
8 - We Brought Back The Platinum Coin To The Trade
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VictorSRO Update 28 / 6 / 2018

1 - Added New Project Avatars
2 - Added New Spider Man Avatar
3 - Added New Pharaoh Dog Grap Pet
4 - Added New Pikachu Grap Pet
5 - Added New Charmander Grap Pet
6 - Changed Ramadan Musics to new one
7 - Removed Ramadan Decoration
8 - Fixed Pets Level When Summoned
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VictorSRO Update 16 / 5 / 2018 Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem Guys Welcome To The Update
1 - Added Feature To Change Powerful Items With Donate Coin
2 - Changed Main Town To Be Jangan
3 - Balanced All The Skills And Now Every Weapon Is A Strong Weapon
4 - Added Event RAMADAN Letters To The Uniques
5 - Added New Death Bone Roc Area
6 - Changed Premium VIP Logo To Ramadan Logo
7 - Changed Music Inside And Outside Town
8 - Changed Intro To Jangan Town
you can check full update on this link : VictorSRO Update Ramadan
Regards .
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Server Stats
  • Gateway Status: Online
  • Players Online 334 / 1000

  • Supporters Online: 0 / 0
  • Cap 130
  • Race CH / EU
  • Exp Rate 40x
  • PT Exp Rate 50x
  • SP Rate 40x
  • Drop Rate 10x
  • Gold Drop Rate 20x
  • Servertime:
  • CTF:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
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